Staff of the Botanic Garden Teplice

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Mgr. Jiří R. Haager, ředitel Mgr. Jiří R. Haager, ředitel Jarmila Malinová, ekonomický asistent, administrativa Jarmila Malinová, ekonomický asistent, administrativa
Bc. Harald Eichhorn Bc. Harald Eichhorn Ing. Irena Jelínková Ing. Irena Jelínková

The work of each botanic garden rises and falls with the quality and responsibility of its staff.

At the Botanic Garden Teplice our responsibilities are clearly defined. An individual is allotted a specific area for which he, or she, is accountable. Our team, including the Director, consists of 13 people and should you need to contact anyone they are as follows:

  • Mgr. Jiří R. Haager, Director,
  • Jarmila Malinová, Assistant for economy, administration,
  • Mgr.Filip Zpurný, Ph.D., Curator,
  • Jindřiška Bendová, Gardener, open air exhibition
  • Ing.Veronika Sýsová, Chief of the xeric glasshouse
  • Hana Šedivá, Chief of the subtropical glasshouse, edge of the glasshouse
  • Petra Bílková, Gardener, open air exhibition
  • Martina Jirsová, Gardener, glasshouses
  • Ing. Anna Kučerová, Head of the open air exhibition
  • Ing. Irena Jelínková, Gardener, tropical glasshouse
  • Bc. Harald Eichhorn, Gardener, open air exhibition
  • Milan Beňa, Maintenance, Chauffer

Michael O. Dillon, Ph.D. - honorary member of staff of the Botanical Garden Teplice. Curator Emeritus of Flowering Plants, The Field Museum, Chicago, USA. Specializes in families Asteraceae and Solanaceae (Nolana), and the coastal lomas formations in Peru and Chile.


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