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Expeditions, collecting in the field for the botanic gardens. They have two aims:

a) Obtaining authentic materials, original species that have not been through any form of man-made selection, or even unintentional hybridising with related species, which are suitable for scientific work.

b) Gaining field experience for curators of collections and gardeners. Experience is not purposeless and it helps significantly in the composition of the exhibitions and the culture of plants.

Economics is a major factor. Field trips, although expensive, are three times cheaper than purchasing fresh and new materials from specialist companies.

Many of the materials obtained from several expeditions undertaken with the Botanic Garden Prague now enrich Teplice’s collection and exhibition glasshouses. These plants collected in the wild can be found in the exhibitions of South Africa and Madagascar. In the tropical and subtropical glasshouses are taxons collected in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam and in the Philippines. Ing. Tomáš Peš from the Zoological and Botanic Garden in Pilsen brought some of our most interesting examples from Costa Rica. We also possess the materials collected by J.R. Haager from Yemen (2004) and from Vietnam (1976, 1999 and 2005). The most important part of the field collections today consists from a collection of about 600 cultivated species from Chile (expeditions 2010 - 2013 expedition, J.R.Haager and H.Šedivá), which form the basis of three exposures both in greenhouses and in open air.

Two pictures from Río Bocay near the border of Nicaragua and Honduras, provided by Juan Enrique Morales Molina

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